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Tribute to
Leon Golub
short film (rough cut)
"Leon Golub Can Be Reached Under G"
geo geller
3 and 19min excerpt from conversation at
ArtOmi awards ceremony - January 27, 2003


Leon Golub
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in tribute to the wonder and humanity of Leon Golub - 1922-2004 - whose life was dedicated to Challenging us to Challenging the Status Quo - Leon was truly in his own private revolution -

i stumbled on Leon Golub at the Art Omi 2003 award event at the new museum - at the time i was and am still filming two parallel works which are still in progress - Courage to Be Creative - discovering the imagination and creative process and the other called "Framing New York" - on the life/energy/art of new york with an extensive segment on "art in new york and new york in art" - and so what you see is a brief glimpse in both the 3 &19 min pieces from my encounter of the unusual/usual kind with Leon Golub - which Leon inadvertently titled "Leon Golub Can Be Reached Under G" i believe "Leon Golub Can Be Reached Under G" captures a little bit of his spark, spirit, complexity and quick mindedness in action - with an added peek into his his-ness, his wonder, delight, playfulness, thoughtfulness, passion, compassion, intensity, vitality, warmth, social conscious and forever engaged in life and its inventions and a willingness to think and re-inventing himself like all good revolutionaries willing to question the unquestionable - the status quo

please check back and if you want you can send me any comments as well as email geo(at) to be alerted to any changes or additions - i am threatening to put up the Art Omi Leon award ceremony - there is more that i shot of Leon at the Art Omi event too (for your info - this is intentionally a rough edit as i tried not to edit it but to let as much of the flow of the conversation and moments beyond the unusual unfold) and anybody who has any footage of the Art Omi event i would love to see different angles of the event

and as a recovering artist (me, myself and eye), painter, social sculpture, filmmaker, inventor, poet, and as a fellow sufferer of a social consciousness who believes that maybe Leon Golub in his in-finite wisdom and in-sight could see the future and tried to express his concern for the future of the future and the future of humanity and tried ever so un-subtly to get our attention and to invite and in-cite us in his art/life

i my humble way, i invite you to see some of my films (baby-docs and Who's Wearing The Emperor's New Clothes), art, paintings and poems from my garden, VideoART random musings, amusings and abusings, below and at and to my on going Adopt-A-Painting social sculpture/painting project/exhibitions "From My Garden of Dream" at Earth Matters NYC & "Phil-Oh-So-Phical Space" at Verlaines NYC to benefit the Adopt-A-Painting Orphanage are coincidentally on in NYC right now April 18, 2005 till whenever - and online until forever stops being forever - send email if you are interested in knowing where, what, if and when or whatever
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